Mobile Climbing Tower

mobile climbing wall

Mobile, 6 metre Climbing Tower, with 60m2 climbing surface. The climbing tower will arrive at your location on a trailer. We need at least 14 metres by 14 metres to operate easily. We can work in car parks or on playing fields - the only constraint is access for a Landrover with an 8.6 m trailer which is 2.45m wide and 2.7m high.

One day event 10:00-16:00 
One staff - 520 plus vat
Two staff - 750 plus vat
Delivery charge - 2 per mile
Additional hours usage - 25 per instructor, per hour

Climbers in groups
One instructor can lead up to 8 persons at a time.

Climbers arriving for have a-go-events
For session where climbers turn up on demand, a second instructor or plenty of competent help is required. Busy events require a minimum of three instructors to maximise throughput.

Hire of the wall
250 per day + 100 delivery

Requires a qualified instructor to be available for us to safety brief

Ropes harnesses and helmets may be available for hire.

All activities are subject to a booking fee of 1.50 per person