Clay Pigeon Shooting

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South Lakes venue

With our modern double barrelled over and under 12 bore shotguns you will start on two simple disciplines being down the line shooting and a slow incoming clay. Depending on your confidence we can then move onto a springing teal or settling duck simulation. Each shooter will have one-on-one tuition with our experienced instructors explaining all you need to know about handling, safety and eye domination, ensuring an exhilarating and worthwhile lesson in shooting disciplines. In a beautiful back drop of Cumbrian Mountains and fell side. The cartridges used are subsonic 28 gram 7 shot. The clays are CCI standard black, measuring 5-inch diameter.

24 shots - 85 for 2 people
50 shots - 135 for 2 people
24 shots - 115 for 3 people
24 shots - 35 per person, min 4 people 
50 shots - 50 per person, min 4 people
50 shot individual lessons - 85 per person     
Min age 12 years 

North Lake venue

While using a variety of fully automatic promatic traps we can change the direction of any clay (simulating a variety of birds) allowing us to cater for complete beginners and the more accomplished shot. The session starts with you being matched up to right sized gun and a safety briefing showing you how to handle our Berretta shot guns with confidence. Once you are in position the first clays start to fly and your instructor will soon have you hitting those clays. With a couple of practice rounds under your belt you can finish off with a competition.

12 cartridges - 19.50 per person (taster session)
25 cartridges - 32.50 per person
50 cartridges - 55.00 per person
Min age 8 years, for physical size (must be a large 8 year old)

All activities are subject to a booking fee of 1.50 per person