Caving – Yorkshire Dales

caving in yorkshire dalesCascades and caverns in spectacular settings. Just a few miles from the edge of Lake District, spreading into the Dales is the largest most spectacular caving region of the UK. For a truly memorable experience we suggest a trip underground. Enjoy walking down the water worn steam passageways, negotiating series of small cascades to reach passages with spectacular formations including Gower pools, stalactites and stalagmites. For the more daring there are waterfalls to descend and narrow passages to explore, all in the safe hands of an expert.

46 per person for Longchurn (more adventurous)
Minimum price 184
42 per person for Thistle + Runscar
Minimum price 168
Minimum age 10 years

Session lasts 3 hours

Advanced caving - 54 per person, involves some roped sections and prior caving experience is necessary.

All activities are subject to a booking fee of 1.50 per person

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