Abseiling highlands of Cumbria

How do you fancy testing your nerve by stepping backwards over the edge of a cliff? Abseiling on the craggy rock faces of the South Lake District.

We can cater for different levels of challenge, for the complete novice there is the gentle option of 20-40 feet (6-12m) easy angled slabs, or for the more daring we have a challenging 60-80 foot cliff at the stunning Cathedral Quarry. We have abseiling venues near Ambleside, Windermere, Coniston and further afield.

36 per person
Minimum price 144 (4 people)
Minimum age 10 years
Session lasts 2 hours

Mega Abseil at Cathedral Quarry

For the thrill seeker we can offer a memorable Lakeland experience abseiling into a spectacular slate quarry. After an initial training abseil, the adventure continues with a 120ft descent down the main face of the quarry, the last part of which is free hanging (our feet will not touch the rock).

42 per person
Minimum price 168 (4 people)
Minimum age 16 years
Session lasts 3.5 hours

All activities are subject to a booking fee of 1.50 per person

For more information about Abseiling and Mega Abseiling in Lakeland Slate Quarries near Ambleside, Consiton and Langdale please see our other website www.meremountains.co.uk